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HOA COMMUNITY MGT GROUP - Please feel free to look at our website, which will provide you with a full background profile of our company and services. Our team of licensed Property Managers and certified Association Managers have the experience in all facets of property management to assist and lead your association to success. You may contact us for additional information via our website or by phone.

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news picture 2009-10-12 New Payment Option On line Easy as 1,2,3

Pay on line with Paypal we have two options for your convenience. First would be pay by the month, easy steps to do this like 1,2,3 and your done. Or just sign up with a credit card with Paypal in the subscription program for Pay Your HOA Dues monthly and they will automatically extricate the funds and make the payment for you. The very nice thing is you get a auto receipt in your e-mail system monthly with all the pertinent detail for your records.
And if you so desire we even have a Once a year payment gateway that will take it to another level. Make your payment and there you go we are good for the year. 
Please join our efforts to go green and better serve our community home owners. We will have other updates for all like discounts from local business that want for you to notice them and much more to come ...check back soon or contact the Webmaster for more information