HOA COMMUNITY MGT – Strong, effective leadership support is essential to fostering a successful community environment. Our team of licensed Property Managers and certified Association Managers has effectively assisted community associations in developing a harmonious living environment since 1999. No other office in our area offers over 60 years of combined expertise in association management. Please feel free to contact us via our website or by phone to find out how your community can also overcome obstacles to success!

Our strength at HOA Community Management is that we are a locally owned property management group, specializing in association management since 1999.  Since our inception, our priority has been entirely focused upon the needs and challenges of associations.  This commitment began with 13 association clients and has grown to over 80 associations partnering with our fully licensed staff of licensed and certified Community Property Managers and administrative office assistants.

We offer management solutions to associations of all sizes, with client associations ranging from 10 luxury town homes to associations with 400+ single family homes. We understand that association needs are driven by the services intended to be provided through the association, the number of homes, and the amenities owned and maintained by the association.

The HOA Community Management Team consists of licensed Property Managers who are also certified with the Association of Professional Community Managers (CAI) and a staff of qualified administrative assistants. The extensive business and management background of the community managers has combined to provide the most dynamic management team in or area. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of the management process, including adherence to the “Standards of Professional Conduct” established by the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers and to the code of ethics established by the SC Real Estate Commission.

Our commitment to providing only licensed and certified professionals with years of experience in business management, association management, financial accounting, and who are dedicated to providing true Full Service Management guarantees your satisfaction. Our office specializes in residential and commercial association management. Each association's designated community Manager works directly with the Board of Directors and members to protect and enhance ownership satisfaction, overseeing all aspects of your association including property maintenance and facilitation of association matters. In addition, our well-trained offrice staff remains available to assist owners as well.

We are constantly developing our industry technology. The growing demand for qualified association management specialists requires continued education and implementation of advancing technology.Our website is one example of the added benefits to client associations, providing easy on-line bill payment, access to restrictive covenants and association documents, informational materials to assist Boards and Committees, as well as other important information relating to our industry.

Our established relationships with local vendors and contractors for general repairs, expert pool maintenance and restoration, landscape maintenance and upgrades, plumbing and electrical repairs, painting, as well as all other areas of maintenance ensures quality work and competitive pricing for your association.
Our office currently enjoys long term working relationships with many residential communities comprised of single family homes, condominiums, town homes, patio homes, and with small commercial associations.

Please select the Management Services tab to review the customary services provided with Full Service Management and Financial Management. We understand that each association's needs are unique, and we are always open to designing an Interim Level Management plan to fit your association's specific needs.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to your association the proven leadership skills, understanding, and integrity that sets us apart!